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We come to you go over dish mounting options, wiring, packages and pricing.
Even if you live in a multi-unit building, you can access DIRECTV superior HD* channel lineup, exclusive sports packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, advanced DVR features and much more.
If you have a balcony or patio that faces south to east we can place the dish on a free standing non-penetrating mount, no holes to drill or attachments to the building or reeling.
This passes all HOA or building owners requirements. Click link for OTARD law which gives you the right to install a dish on your patio or balcony
If you live in a multi unit building and have no balcony or patio there is a no cost single dish solution that gives any tenant the ability to get DIRECTV using one dish.

Dish Mounting Options

We have many custom solutions to mount a dish with low or no visibility.
Dish needs to go on patio or balcony? No problem check out your options.
We work with HOA and building owner to comply with their rules and regulations.