Why direct tv satellite television is the best choice in 2018?

As San Diego’s highest rated local  Direct Tv Dealers as well as AT&T, Spectrum and Cox sellers we recommend  Satellite tv to our clients over any other service in 2018.

Here some of the most important reasons:

To deliver your tv and internet signal to you, cable companies use mostly old copper wire infrastructure that often has been run decades ago.  Actually, long before High Definition Television or high-speed internet where even a thought. It is old technology and deficient in a very basic way. It does not have enough bandwidth to deliver the highest resolution television, phone, and high-speed Internet. What suffers is mostly the picture quality

Transmitting your signal through a copper wire in the ground or on poles is limiting, old technology.

Direct Tv packages include 4k channels and programming that deliver true high definition and ultra-high resolution, also known as 4K. The term 4K means 4000 pixels per square inch on your TV screen and will eventually replace the current 1080 HD standard. Most televisions sold today have 4K capability, but cable can’t deliver 4Kprogramming.

Satellite Tv currently only uses 15% to 20% of its available bandwidth capacity. IT is the future of TV and the only pay-TV service that allows you to watch 4K content on your new 4K TV. It’s worth mentioning that Direct Tv is even ready for the next frontier, 8K!

Satellite television from Direct Tv sends the signal from a fixed orbit Satellite in the sky, straight to your satellite dish. With Satellite Tv, there are no bandwidth limitation issues unlike with cable which comes to you by wire that may be 30 or more years old.

It should be clear at this point, without focusing on anything but cable tv’s distribution, that switching to Satellite offered by Direct TV makes sense. You will notice significantly better picture quality, particularly with the newest 4K flat screen models now coming down in price.

Another positive reported by many of our customers, who switched from Cox, Spectrum or AT&T, was improved Internet speed and reliability,  once TV services were removed from their cable bundle and just internet remained.

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